Selected film/video in chronological order:

Video: Steam Room, 2004
A video installation presented in the former bunker-now basement of the Parisian Laundry, Montreal QC.

Video: "Dangerous", 2007
Excerpt the project JASON AS MICHAEL, a series of video portraits featuring a teenage MJ impersonator filmed over a 4-year period.

Video: Ensemble, 2008  
A 16mm operatic film created for the pilgrimage site St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, QC (in conjunction with La Centrale GP)

Video: Quiet Service, 2013
A video from the year-long project CONGREGATE commissioned by MICA's curatorial program, Baltimore, MD 

Video: Future Memory 2018-  
A video featuring P.M.H. Atwater, researcher of near-death studies